Taipei 101 2008

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Wah very nice. This is the second time they did a firework display using the entire building as the platform apart from the grand opening wasn't it? I seem to recall they did that when I saw the documentary on the construction of the building. But the second time around is more dramatic. :thumbsup:

Didn't Singapore did something with one of the bank tower building right like a year back or more? It was a small one with just a few lauches but I think that is as far as we went.

they used the roof.
ah yes...they use the roof. Well that is as far as they would go I guess. But again it might not entirely be due to kiasu. It could just be too close to other buildings. Firework afterall are explosions...colourful as they might be. They can direct the force outward away from the Taipei 101 building but in SIngapore I guess alot of building close by will have shattered windows since they are too close. heheh..

Maybe the hotel towerblock at Raffle city would do fine heheh.. But hell I guess to really look good you have to do this with a really tall building for better effect.

Tupi Guy

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Jan 6, 2003
the cleaning company must be smile one end to the other end to have the contract to clean the whole building


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Jan 21, 2002
Well, they say that is gonna be the last time there's gonna be fireworks at 101.... dunno how true though...

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