Sydney + Melbourn

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Jan 28, 2002
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Hi friendz,

I'll be going sydney & melbourn next week
Wonder if anyone have GPS waypoint on the places of interest to share?
Appreciate any info & tips, thanks. :)


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Mar 18, 2002
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What are into. Shopping or sights?

For shopping - try Chapel Street, Swanston and Bourke Street.
Victoria Market for cheap stuff. Try their jam doughnuts
I think they are not open on Tues. Cannot remember day

For sights - the must go are Great Ocean Road, The Pinnacles and Phillip Island
There are others like Ballarat and Werribee open zoo.

Things to do - If you are going during the June sch holidays, go skiing. I went to Mt Buller
There is another MT, i think its MT Horsham. Not sure again. MT Buller is slightly more expensive.
Crown Casino to gamble. Remember to bring your IC

Makan joints - La Pochetta, opp Victoria MArket. Great pizza and pasta at rock bottom prices. 1 large pizza for about $9 bucks. 1999 prices.
Lygon street for fine dinning

Thats all for now

For Sydney, only know the Opera house. Did not study there so not sure. Was only there for 5 days. Can visit The Rocks as well. Its an open air market

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