Sutera Harbour

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Looks too underexposed and the colours dont really stand out, it looks dull, adjust the contast brightness exposure (if raw) shadows and a bit of saturation, also the bottom right looks blurred and bottom left has an obstrcution (window frame from aircraft i think)

But i like the composition, its just doesnt stand out and say wow! Look at me!


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Feb 3, 2006
i like the photo generally, but whats that at the bottom corners? bottom right and left blurred away.. the green areas are dull, but apart from that, its just wow! =)

Trumpf said:
thanks for all the comments. I really appreciate it. Will try to improve on my next flight.
you can still greatly improve this shot by touching it up, your composition is great, just need to adjust a few things that i said in a program like Photoshop :D :thumbsup:

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