Surrephoto's Surreshoot! *JANICE*FLORENCE*REBECCA* - 19th July, Sunday ~$20.00 ONLY!~

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Jan 14, 2009
Surrephoto's Surreshoot! *JANICE*FLORENCE*REBECCA* - 19th July, Sunday ~~$20.00 ONLY!~~

Take a break with our THREE pretty ladies on this beautiful sunday morning!

Date: 19th June 2009, Sunday

Time: 0900 hrs to 1130 hrs

Duration: 2.5 Hours (Inclusive of 30 minutes break, chilled drinks provided.)

Venue: Released to paid participants only

Theme: 1 x Dress, 1 x Casual

Models: 3

Photographer Ratio: Min. 4:1 or Max 6:1

Additional Equipment:
Will provide 1 Canon 580EXII Flash , 1 Canon ST-E2 Transmitter, 1 lightstand, 1 bounce/shoot-thru umbrella and optional 5-in-1 reflector on a group rotational basis. Great for Canon users who can use their 580EXs to trigger a slave flash! Those without flash can use the ST-E2.

PRICE: $20.00 ONLY

Register Now!
STEP 1: PM/SMS us at 90296681 with your name, nickname & mobile number to reserve a slot.
STEP 2: Payment details will be sent by SMS after reservation.
STEP 3: Shoot details and location will be sent to you by SMS after payment.

Alternatively, feel free to call/email us at to reserve and/or query!


Credits to Intruder.


Credits to Organiser.


Credits to Marah Iskandar.

Special for this week only!
Join our "Bridesmaid in Bliss" II shoot and get a $2.00 discount off this shoot!

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