Support call: Help this amazing photo project to survive to die in glory!


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Apr 12, 2010

Now, where should I start to explain this project… First of all, I know the guys behind the Cubestories project ( I know how they work and how hard it has been and still is to realize their vision. It all started years ago when they heard Ilford would stop to produce the famous Ilfochrome (Cibachrome) paper. They decided to buy the last 16 rolls and built this special cube camera obscura to be able to shoot 1×1 meter pictures in direct positive. So every picture you take is a one of a kind! But don’t think that it is a sort of giant Polaroid camera. Unlike the Polaroid pictures the results on the Ilfochrome are of astonishing high quality and astonishing durability (more about it on Wikipedia). Plus, they are the first guys shooting reportage outdoor (with such a huge camera)! The presentation can be read on (Click here). And some press about the Cubestories project can be read on ThePhoBlographer, DamnMagazine, Photoscala, Repubblica.


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