Super GT 2011 - Tips and advice needed please


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Sep 14, 2010
I am thinking about going down for the Super GT weekend this year at Sepang. I anticipate that most of my shooting will be panning shots of the cars as they race and also the race queens as they model (yes, getting the pit walkabout pass).

It is in the latter (photographing race queens) that i am gonna be a total noob. So for the guys who've been up for the event at Sepang in previous years, i would be so grateful if you could have your experience and learned advice...

For instance, do i use an external flash? If i do, should i set it with -ve compensation and if so, how much?

What lens should be best for the shots?

Is 50mm prime on cropped sensor too tight? Is 35mm only good for group shots? Or should i have a zoom?

What kind of distances are you normally standing from the race queens as they pose?

Any other advice so that i can get to the good positions and not be swarmed by other photogs?

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