Sunset @ Pangkor Island, good 4 short trip!

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Just came back fm Pangkor Island, 96km off Ipoh. Recommended for budgeted short trip, S$150-S$250 per pax (depending on accommodation type). The setting is back to the 70s/80s where u can order yr classic coke and ice-ball (ice kacang). It’s a fishing village with beautiful sunset. A lot of photo opportunities, u r welcome to view the
album here.

sunset 1

Sunset 2

sunset 3

If you are interested in the trip, I can give u more details.

Tks for viewing.

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Mar 16, 2002
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1st shot is excellent!

May I know how do you get there and how long is the journey? Thinking of organizing a short trip for year end. Just a couple of friends. What is there to do at Pangkor Islands??


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May 27, 2003
liked ur composition for ur last pic ..............



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Dec 16, 2002
To go to Pangkor Island, you can take a bus from KL to Ipoh, which is a 3 hour journey. Then from Ipoh, take a bus to Lumut. From Lumut, you will need to take a ferry to Pangkor Island :) Not too sure whether there's any bus from KL direct to Lumut. ;)

A single bus trip fm Spore to Lumut is S$33, then take the Ferry to Pankor Island abt 2 ringgit. Accomodation range fm 80 ringgit. (my adv - search the web to determine the resort u want to stay BUT don't book thru the net, it's more expensive. Internet booking is handled by agency, hence the room rates are marked up.

You can check the ferry schedule here.....

There are many resorts here ....resorts

You can also drive up, it's about 8 hrs drive fm Spore to Lumut (Ferry terminal).


Oh forget about the activities…

For those who like sea sports this is the place, there are 3 beautiful beaches. The water is crystal clear and u can opt for island hopping or snorkeling.

The main transport is motorcycle, 1 day rental range fm 30 to 50 ringgit. One motorcycle can carry upto 4 people if u know how…..hee hee that is what the locals do.

U can also rent a bicycle and explore the island. The tracks are very challenging, a lot of up and down hills.

Anyway, there are many photographic opportunities…
Explore the fishery, boat building, nature tracks and beautiful beaches. Don’t forget the town, it’s back to the 70s/80s very ideal for photography, especially in black & white.

The sunset can be seen from all the three beaches but I prefer to capture it at Tuluk Nipah, just 5 mins walk from Coral Bay.

The bus tix can be bought fm Golden Mile, Gunung Raya S$33. Return trip fm Lumit to Spore is 45 ringgit available at the Ferry terminal.

Correction on the Ferry tix shd be 10 ringgit.

One more important item – SEAFOOD, it’s cheap and good, very fresh since it’s taken fm the fishery nearby.

Good Luck to yr trip.

iceberg said:
like your photos... can share with me what settings you use and what equipment as well?

thanks thanks. :thumbsup:
I own a D60, 17-40 F4, 70-200 F2.8 IS.

Most of the pics were taken at AV mode. Set at F8 to F11 depending on the lightings. Meter reading was taken between the Sun and shore to balance the highlights and shadow.

Detail settings are recorded in the EXIF file, for details pls check up MY ALBUM HERE



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Jan 21, 2002
Very good shots! I like the 1st one.
Thanks for sharing, both the photos as well as the travel info :)
How long is the bus journey from Sin to Lumut? Thanks!



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May 25, 2002
can you recommend budget hotel in pangkor? :)


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Oct 17, 2003
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cool......very beautiful pictures there...

like the third one most.... its quite a wide angle...:)

can see that your pictures are going to inspire a lot of ethusiastic photographers to pangkor island soon...!

how many days did you stay there...?

thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures...


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