Sunpak dsu01 with fl50 problem triggering


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Dec 8, 2008
Hi all,

I have an external flash FL-50 which I am trying to use with my wife's canon pns (ixus) by triggering using Sunpak dsu-01. What I intend to do is to use the flash off-camera. To trigger it unfortunately I have to fire the hilt in flash on the ixus.

I just got the sunpak dsu today but didn't test on the shop with the camera and flash. But when I tried at home, it seems that the dsu most of the time failed to fire although it definitely detected the flash from the ixus (direct line of sight for the sensor).
On some occasion it did fire, but after that it would then stop when I retook the shot.
Sometimes something weird would happen, when I lifted the flash unit with the trigger unit attached, the flash will fire a few times, which is worrying and can be dangerous.

I am thinking of bringing the trigger and my flash as well to the camera shop and ask for some assistance there. I am thinking it could be a faulty trigger unit.

But also i would like to ask your opinions / advice if anyone have had experience using sunpak dsu with fl50 or other flash ? Did you have similar problem? Or has some ideas why it didn't work for me?

Thanks a lot

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