Sunblitz PZ-450AF Zoom Flash

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Oct 26, 2002
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Saw the above flash at P&I Asia 2003. Retailing at $198.

Some specs/features of the flash:
- Guide no max 45m @ ISO100
- Auto/Manual zoom head 24-28-35-50-85mm discrete steps
- Tilt: 0-90deg (Bounce); 150deg right, 180deg left
- Modes: TTL; Manual (1/1 1/2... up to 1/64 power output); Multi (for strobe)
- 1st/2nd curtain sync with Canon/Nikon
- LCD (with light) display zoom settings, range, tilt etc
- High refresh rate for continuous exp with motordrive

- diff AF makes avaliable (Canon, Nikon, Minolta, Pentax)
- only compatible with film bodies (specified in manual), not digital

- not really that solid but can still tahan a bit, i think. a big piece of brick
- auto zoom head operation is noisy
- LED "ready" light on the rear panel may blind u for a while :cry:

Im a flash idiot... and decided that i shld get a flash for a start for my EOS. Bought this model juz now since i think it shld be good enuf for me to play with (esp the manual part).

does anyone has any comment on this flash? user opinions, 1st impression, pros n cons etc?

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