Summary of Wedding Photographer Get Together

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On the 19th of April, approximately 30 professional, semi professional and emerging wedding photographers met to discuss the crrent state and the future of the wedding industry in Singapore. The 3 hour long meeting covered many topics and due to a limitation on space, this is a highly summarized version of the evening's meeting.

The meeting began with a quick survey of 15 photographer and their prices which provided for some interesting results. Prices listed are those charged by photographers for a 12 hour day coverage only.

$0-500- 1 photographer
$500-1000- 7 photographers
$1000-1500- 5 photographer
$1500-2000- 2 photographers
$2000-2500- 2 photographers
$2500-3000- 0 photographers
$3000-3500- 0 photographers
$3500-4000- 1 photographers

So as we can see from the quick little survey the most competitive price ranges are in the $500-1500 level while the $2500-3500 price range is under serviced at this point in time.

The next topic we dealt with were some of the major problems facing the industry. To adress the various issue, we divided the problems into those for semi professionals, transition photographers [photographers who are moving from semi professional top full timers] and professionals.

The main problems for semi professionals were
- breaking the referral cycle
- getting more business
- increasing prices
- establishing a basic business practice ie accouting, package pricing,etc
- establishing a basic wedding portfolio
- gaining recognitiion for individual style

The main problems for transition photographers are
- creating and executing an effective business strategy
- establishing a unique style
- establishing a basic business practice ie accouting, package pricing,etc
- lack of demand and supply knowledge ie providers of albums, client's taste

The main problems for professionals are
- overhead costs, ie rent, equipment depreciation
- lack of communication between other industry proffessionals
- client education
- breaking out of referral cycle and raising prices

Based on these problems, we, as a group are currently in the process of establishing the following solutions. The order listed is the order in which these solutions will implemented

- A Yahoo! group for wedding photographers in Singapore to facilitate communications among each other and solve the communications problem and the lack of market knowledge. Eadwine I/C

- Future meetings to continue industry wide communications- SniperD and Everafter I/C

- A 3 hour long workshop for freelancers and transition photographers on setting up your business and techniques on doubling rates within the first 2 years. Kuang I/C

- A day long seminar in August for wedding photographers where professionals would cover topics ranging from business to technical issues. Kuang [Mr Willy Foo did you also volunteer?] to gather resources. Vounteers to help plan the event also greatly appreciated.

- A website for wedding couples and wedding photographers which will act as an information bank and resource centre- Willy Foo I/C

So as we can see, several solutions have been raised and I am confident that the industry is posied for some great changes in the next few years. See you all at the next meeting.



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May 18, 2004
missed the 1st meeting... looking forward to the next meeting :)


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Jul 6, 2004
Forget to thank you for your effort and $$ to book the place. Really appreciate it.


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Mar 11, 2005
Thks alot Ckuang, for making a great move.

Mar 15, 2005
Thanks again Ckuang for your advice.

To all who have contacted me about the TOAs and stuff posted on the other thread, please hang on. There's way too many mails to reply, so its best that i upload what i have onto the resource website when its done.

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