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Jul 26, 2003
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Dear fellow CSnappers,
I'm currently doing a school project about consumer behavior and the syllabus require students to come up with a print ad by themselves. And of course, my product that I'm advertising is about digital cameras.

Because of the nature of the course (basically consumer behavior is more about psychology), and given that we won't be graded for artistic reasons, my group has came up with 2 ideas. Furthermore, the ad, unfortunately, must fulfill some of the topics my lecturer has covered in class so it may sound a bit unrealistic in the real world context. :confused:

1. Main selling point will be the zoom functions of a P&S digicam. In the ad, we see a someone holding the cam & shooting a drop-dead gorgeous lady. Then slightly below the photo, we see a CU of the digicam's large LCD portraying a CU of a man's adam's apple. Although we haven't came up with a catchy tagline, I'm thinking of going along the line of something like "Nothing escapes the _______"

2. This is probably overused (the most recent one I've seen will probably be Jack Black's latest film 'Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny') but my group thought of using Michelangelo Buonarroti's famous painting 'God creates Adam' whereby the picture shows God trying to reach out the Adam. Using PS, we are going to put the product in between God and Adam. Selling point of the product will be that the product is so good, that even God recommends it to mankind.

On a sidenote, which P&S digicam looks good? As in which camera is more or less a pretty cam than anything else? Any recommendations? Shucks.... I'm so out of touch with the P&S market.... :dunno:

Let me know what you guys think of the ideas. Throw me your worse criticisms!!! ;p

Thanks again! :cool:

{mich} :)


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Dec 6, 2005
Effective advertisments do not sell a product but a lifestyle :) I think the first one might be a more appleaing direction to take as you are seeling the idea that you will be able to se more details or take beautiful pics with XXX ccamera...

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