Suggestions for developing digital photos into prints?

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Jul 26, 2003
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Dear Snappers,
I will like to ask if anyone has any suggestions on where to develop digital photos into prints?

My photos are basically your usual holiday/tour photos and just the basic and usual requirements - 4R and glossy. I also happened to have around 350++ photos that I need to develop (me bad, I procrastinate for too long :embrass: ) so I was wondering if there is a place somewhere near City Hall/Bugis that does a good job effectively and most importantly, at an affordable price.

On a sidenote, those neighborhood photo developing shops, can they do a good job? :dunno:

This is my first time developing digital prints (I have always been a film person) so I was wondering if there are other things I should take note of, other than they aren't going to provide us with photo albums.

Thanks in advance people! ;)

{mich} :)

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