Suggestions for Bali trip

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bargaining is a MUST.. or u can bring ruthbaby along to bargain for u!
i bought a wood craving from bali.. guess wat... he quoted me 750 USD... Kaoz... after bargaining for 2 hrs.... haha... i paid 150 SGD for it.. but well.. i still think its a bit ex... lolx.. prolly shd jus pay 20 SGD for it.. lolz..

anyway... i also paid for my own tour guide.. as it pte tour guide... he can bring u ard bali for abt 50 SGD with his JEEP.. not meals... u gotta pay.. i can give u his number if u wan :)

Jia Wang

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Feb 20, 2004
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crazypaladin said:

I am going to Bali next week for 4 days and it's my first time there. Would like to hear from Clubsnappers on suggestions on where to go (for shoots, for eating, for bargains etc). TIA. :)
For shooting... I strongly recommend the sunsets at Kuta Beach or Jimbaran Beach (a fishing village... u can get the guide that Ruthbaby recommended to bring u there)...

It's also a nice place all over to shoot people... Kuta area, Ubud, etc...

U might like to see my Bali galleries to get some ideas...

Enjoy your hols... ;)

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