Studio Sharing Session & Model Shoot...

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Studio sharing session.

The objective of this is for me to share some basic studio concepts and lighting techniques. The main emphasis of this session is how to work with studio lights, not on teaching posing and portraiture basics.

Note: This is not a formal lesson, just a sharing session. You will walk away with a feel of what it’s like shooting in a studio and a better idea of how to get around a studio. It is recommended for those who had never step into a studio before, but with basic knowledge in shooting in manual mode.

For experience studio user, please give the rest a chance, I will be organizing another studio session with this model just for you.

Date :
12th Nov 2005
Time : 2pm - 6pm
Location : Loyang Ave or Tampines (Depending on group size)
Size : Max 8 pax (min to get the session going is 4 pax)
Cost : $80.00 per pax

A model and makeup artist will be engaged.

She will be doing a Cosplay Theme, and you will be shooting her in a new outfit.

1) A camera that has a hot-shoe and can be set to manual mode. DSLRs are recommended but not necessary.
2) Have never stepped into a studio before.... come on guys, give the newbies a chance larr.
3) Should have some knowledge of shooting portraits.

2:00 - 3:00 - Introduction to the stuff in the studio (Lights, barndoors, etc etc, High Key, vs Low key The different types of lighting, reading lightmeter, lighting ratio etc.

3:00 - 4:15 - Will break into 2 teams of 4. Each team will have 1 hour+ to shoot a model. The team of 4 will have 2 shooters, and 2 people to change the lighting. There must be at least 2 lighting per pair of shooters.

4:15 - 5:30
- Change to group 2.

5:30 - 6:00
- Packing up the studio. Debrief, Questions.

After that, we MAY want to go somewhere and review the shots.

Where your $80 goes to
Renting the
Paying the model
Paying the makeup artist
Refreshments (drinks only horr... NO BEER)
Cover our transport costs.


Please PM me your FULL NAME and CONTACT number, and the camera you will be using. Avoid adding into the list without PMing me, cos I'll just remove your name.


Hi Incastasman,

The 2nd photo is from your collection... Thanks.
Bro, give the newbies a chance to go into the studio lah....

I will be organising another studio shoot the following weekend, that one you will get full freedom in the studio.... Up to your creativity liao...

But you are welcome on this coming sat to see see look look...

Francis Tan.


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Mar 17, 2004
upz for a great organizer...........

Thanks arowana & Sausage,

Yap, she is an active cosplay member, but recently I have approach her to do more of those non cosplay shoot. She is quite experience in pose, and she understand what the photographer wants very quickly... She gets into character very quickly and the shoot just get more excited as time passes with her around...

Its easier for new studio photographer to work with her as she is not that shy at close range, and she is friendly...

I will arrange for a pure shooting trip for her after this sharing workshop.

Francis Tan.

Thanks to all the participants for the Studio Sharing Session.

Hope that you all had enjoyed the session, and had learn something new.
What I had shared with you all is not the end...
There are lots more things you can do in a studio. Feel free to discuss, so we can learn from each other as well.

I will arrange with the few of you to come out for a coffee session and to review all the photos.

Francis Tan.


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Mar 11, 2002
thanks very much Francis for arranging this lesson and the model n make up artist

very educational and fun! I thoroughly enjoyed myself

i know its impossible to teach studio in 4hrs but it was still nonetheless eye opening....... very good 'warm up' for those thinking of taking a full time studio course


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Nov 4, 2005
ed9119 said:
your model Francis............

:) nice one richy... i think one aint enough for guys here.... heres another .......

Hi luel.. so it's U!

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