Studio Session on 23 July 2006(Sun)

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Jan 3, 2005
Hi all............

For this coming Sunday studio shooting, we had arranged a model for shooting in Lingeries.

This time, we will do two sets of lightings, one we will use the existing studio lightings and second we will change location to our gallery at third floor, by using existing lights in the gallery. There you will have plenty of time, space, angle and unique back ground to fill up your scenes.

For first lightings, you have to shoot one by one using studio strobes while second lightings, you may shoot as many and as fast as you could, but mind you that you may need use high ASA and to adjust the color cast, so by using software or filter, its all up to you!

Theme : Lingerie
Date : 23.07.2006
Time : 2pm - 4 pm ( approx 2 - 2 1/2 hours )
Lighting mode : Studio strobe and existing incadencent lightings
Rate : S$35 (PSS mem) and S$45 ( non member )
Model : Iris with MUA provided

To register for the studio shoot, please call 63343361.


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