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Sep 6, 2002
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Hello, Stanley Lim Colour Centre is organising another photography course for those interested..

Venue: Stanley Lim Colour Centre (Midlink Plaza, Middle Road)
Instructor: Danny Lim
Course fee: $250
Lessons will be held on either Wednesdays or Thursdays from 8-10pm (depending on majority of participants preferences)
4 lessons
-- inclusive of 2 theory lessons and 2 practical studio lessons
-- 1 practical lesson will be on taking a male model & 1 lesson will be on taking a female model
-- 1 free roll + developing + 1 set 3R per practical lesson
-- notes will be given
-- Certificates will be given to participants
-- 1 hour of free Studio use at Stanley Lim Colour Centre worth $35
(price applies to students and members only)

Everyone will have half an hour to take pictures of the models
Vacancies: 8

Those interested please proceed to the studio to pay the deposit to Joanne. Please PM after you have paid to her so that I can update here.

Digital users are also welcomed to join this course. Digital participants will get a $10 discount for not using the film and the developing.

Rather than go for shoots with arranged studio lightings, why not spent half an hour with your model and decide your own lighting and poses with an instructor guiding you!!

Please feel free to make enquiries, or call 98583502 (Joanne) for further details.

Anyway, the Actual Day Wedding Photography Course is oready full and is into its 2nd week. However, those interested can still sign up as the 2nd class will start once its vacancies are filled!!

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