Studio Lighting Photography(Starts on 09 March 2006)

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Jan 3, 2005
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This course is designed to equip the students with studio lighting skills for portraiture and still life subjects. The instructor shall introduce the various types of light sources, their effects, the lighting techniques, set up of a studio and posing of a model. Students have the chance to design and shoot their own still life subject. Students may like to have their images taken during the shoot to be scanned into Kodak PhotoCD and have the chance to use the Society’s large format Epson Stylus 7600 professional printer for printing. Upon completion of the course, the students are required to submit a portfolio of 6 pictures for assessment. A course certificate will be issued to students who clear the assessment.
Duration : 6 weeks, 2 hours per session
Course Fee : S$150 (member), S$250 (non-member)
Language : English/Mandarin
Pre-requisite : Basic Photography Course
Instructor : Goh Kim Hui

Course Syllabus
(Students of this course must have knowledge of the use of a 35mm camera as the course concentrates on taking photographs in the studio using professional flash system)

1. Introduction
Equipment and studio layout
Camera, Lenses and accessories
Artificial Light used in studio:
Photo flood light
Tungsten light
Flash light
Types of lighting, effect and application:
Main, Fill-in, Hair, Background, Key, Rim light
Size and quality of light

2. Portraiture Lighting Technique:
Broad, Narrow, Butterfly Lighting
Indoor Portraits Lighting
One Light, Two Light
Three and more Lights
Rembrandt Lighting

3. Posing of a model
High Key and Low Key Portrait

4. Basic lighting set-up for a still life

5. Design and shoot your own still-life

6. Practical Session
Critique and course wrap up

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