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Oct 30, 2004
Hi guys,

I have just gotten a studio space in Katong(about 4 months) and am currently looking for someone to share with me the space.. Please note that this is a peranakan-styled 2-storey shophouse with ample parking public space in front of the studio.
My partner and I currently works on the first level. The second level has got 2 rooms. A larger one and a smaller one. The larger one is about 800sq feet while the smaller one is probably about a 100 sq ft. There is also a changing room and a toilet upstairs.
All rooms are equipped with individual aircon, ceiling lights and ceiling fan.
For the larger room, we intend to rent it out to a photographer. It is currently a bare space with a ceiling height of about 10ft. Rental is $800 per month inclusive of water and electricity. There is a toilet and a changing room that be used as well. The only condition here is that whoever that rents this space would have to share the usage of the studio with us. Of course, we can always work out on schedule and such.
For the smaller room, it is available to anyone who had the intention of setting up a small office space. It is suitable for designers, video editors, digital imagers etc. For this room, it is renting for $400, inclusive of water and electricity. Whoever that rents this room will get full privacy to this room.
For both the space mentioned above, whoever that rents them may share the utilities we have downstairs. We have a full pantry and a cosy meeting room that is for everybody's usage.

For those interested, please do drop me an e-mail at or give me a call at 91789630

Hope to hear from you guys soon.

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