Studio Arcus Iris : Introduction to Basic Studio Photography

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Studio Arcus Iris is planning to hold a half day basic introduction to studio photography on the 4th of April 2020 ( Saturday ) from 2 – 6pm.

We are excited to have Shirley Zhong, [ ] to be teaching this short class.

As a studio with Cosplay themes, there will be a Cosplay model for the practical shooting component of this basic class.

We are currently gathering interest levels for this class and we need about 6 aspirants to start.

Prices start at an affordable $80 per aspiring photographer.

Sign up via our Facebook, instagram, email ( ) or mobile ( 89131446 )

Facebook link :
Instagram link :
The outline of this course will be as follows :


A. What is Photography
Photography is a piece of CAKE
The Story of a Portrait

Obsession with light:

B. Light is everything in photography
Types of light: Natural, Artificial, Ambient.
3 fundamental rules of lighting

C. Portrait Light to tell a story:

5 Basic Portrait lighting styles
Look around for your perfect lighting
Modifying the light to suit your style

D. Practical shooting

Confirmed Attendees :

1. KA
2. ASC
3. EY
4. KYC
5. Krishna

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