Street House 5 @ Home Club | The MODELS' Party! 18th June 2008

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Jun 30, 2007
Street House 5

Home Club
20 Upper Circular Road #B1-01 / -6 The Riverwalk

18th June 2008, 9pm till closed

With the GREAT SUCCESS of The Street House Project, it has captured island wide fashion labels, models and medias attention to be part of the moving series brought to you by the Nothing Better To Do people, NBTD Club.

We now present to you, Street House 5 – The Finale. The very first MIX AGE PARTY for the first time opened up for 17 by year and above to enjoy the taste of what we call, the very 1st FASHION CLUBBING EVENT!

With the pretty models in the latest fashion trendy clothes catwalking and dancing on the dance floor, the night got to be right and the MUSIC got to be hard. YES! We are bringing it upon for the 1st night of noise breaking Hard Style music to your feet of non stop shuffling and ending your night with the crowds’ favourite of Hip Hop / R&B. HOLD YOUR BELTS TO THAT SEXY LADY!!!

Highlights of the Night:
* Guest DJ, DJ Xchyler, not only making his run of R&B / Hip Hop mixes but also an sonic artist, with experiences designing and recording sounds for local art installations, music video and short films. As a sonic artist who hates music theories, he enjoys experimental music pieces and is always looking out for new and interesting sounds which he can incorporate in his mixes.
* Exclusive Night of Song Dedication from 9pm to 11pm
* Exclusive Hard Style Shuffling of the Night for non stop 2 hours
* Exclusive Hip Hop / R&B wrap up through the ending night
* $1000 worth of gifts and prizes give away
* Picture Me! Photography session by Professional Photographers
* Model Talents on the runway
* Be spotted and you have a chance to walk away with a contract with NBTD Models Inc for 1 year

Pre Sale Tickets:
Kai – 97867396
Jeremy - 91383453
Gary – 81124116
Shafiq – 98513341
Pulse – 90308532

NOTE! This event is specially for 17 by year and above!
Be the FIRST 100 to earn an exclusive goodie bag value worth from $50 to $100 each while stock last!!!
A sneak preview of what is inside the goodie bag… Pool ball key chains, Marval Comics, Travel game sets, food vouchers… and many more… be the first to get it because you never know what you are getting inside the bag!!!

If you are 18 and above, please show your COM CARD and enter for FREE! THIS ONLY APPLIES TO LADIES!!!

Sponsors / Co Sponsors:
- Nana
- Two Red Dot
- Settlers Café
- The Q Shop
- Spectacle Hut
- Essential Brew
- Alps Café
- Metallurgy
- G&B Comics
- The Ling Boutique

Media Supported by:
- Hooked
- Club Snap
- Cinderella
- One Zine

Entertainment supported by:
- Home Club
- NBTD Models Inc
- Club NBTD Pte Ltd

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