Stealthy approach

Jan 28, 2010
Ha Noi, Vietnam, Vietnam

I got the inspiration from those sneaking scenes in video games as I'm a fan of stealth action games :). The model was very cooperative ;), she did whatever I asked and didn't complain a single word.

1. in what area is critique to be sought?
Angle, lighting, composition and the mood this photo brings

2. what one hopes to achieve with the piece of work?
Recreating the sneaking scene realistically and to inject life and emotion into an otherwise emotionless plastic figurine

3. under what circumstance is the picture taken? (physical conditions/emotions)
I thought I should shoot non-human subjects for a change so I did a couple of figurine shots, this being one of them

4. what the critique seeker personally thinks of the picture
I think its somewhat brings out the dark mood because of the low exposure. I wish I could add something to the left of the photo where the blank space is. Sort of like a target for assassination so the photo can deliver some of the tension of the act of sneaking, but I don't have a suitable figurine in my collection and I think it would be distracting as well.

Note: the WB is intentionally warm and yellowish because I thought it would resemble real lighting more (like lighting around a dock, or an empty street corner)

I also have another version of the photo which is vertical and feature a slightly different pose (more of silently sneaking around rather than a ready-for-action pose). I wonder if I can post the link (not the image itself) here for comparison?

Jul 13, 2005
I thought your idea is quite refreshing, although, when I first looked at your pic, the reminiscence (for me) is of the comic strips, and not so much stealth action games. In this regard, if you could tilt the angle of the spotlight in so as to cast a long definitive, shadow behind the figurine, I reckon the impact from the contract will be much higher. Of course, you have to shoot from further right to accommodate the longer shadow.

But hey, that would be changing your script, so just take it as an alternate plot ya.... once again, nice idea you have there!


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Sep 12, 2009
Sin jia Po lah
If you could arrange some figurines in background that the lady is stalking, tt wud be nicer...and oso, if possible, how about getting some aluminium foil or foolscap paper to act as reflector and lift the shadow on her face slightly so that we can see some of her face...:D

Rather fun to shoot figurines...I bet they never throw any tantrums right? :bsmilie:

Sep 17, 2008
hmm. throw a innocent happy looking figurine on the other side. brings out the suspense and stuff.

somehow ur image looks soft. like i dnno is out of focus or is it camera shake. could u highlight the conditions such as if tripod was used?

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