starter kit for B&w processing

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Jan 30, 2002
Haven't been in the darkroom for quite a while, but as far as I remember:

Changing bag, or a darkroom
Development tank with reel(s)
Can opener or anything that opens the film canister

You use the above to get your film into the development tanks. Then the lights come on...

Measuring flasks / beakers
Chemicals - developer, fixer, washer(?)
Clock / stopwatch

You measure amounts of chemicals, get the temperatures, determine the time required for each stage of film processing. Some people use ice to help lower the temperature of chemicals.

After you developed, fixed, and washed the film, you can use your fingers or another device (squee-gee????) to get water off the film, then you can clip and hang it out to dry. Darkroom facilities that you can rent should have blower-dryers.

Ruby or Fotoguide should be able to help you out in selection of the equipment, chemicals etc. Anyway you would most likely have to pay them a visit wat, so use your money on their word ;p

(for myself, I used my school's facilities and chemicals, and the only thing I bought was a development tank, with reels adjustable for 135 and 120 film, and easier to load than the ones provided)


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Oct 3, 2002
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You can check out Ruby, Cathay, also Seng Cheong Co. (look in phone book) for equipment.

As for cost... Last year I bought a set of darkroom equipment for $700+, from Seng Cheong. But the higher quotes went up to $1-2k

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