Starhub ends cable TV


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Jan 3, 2008
Pasir Ris
SH stops cable tv via it's dedicated cable system, switching over to IPTV via fiber links.
Nothing to do with any Android boxes...


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Nov 23, 2004
BB West
Their programs quite boring and hardly got time for it. I terminated it some time back, even with recording, don't feels it's worth to pay for it anymore as internet got more things to see and updated.


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Feb 24, 2005
I am still watching Starhub cable TV. Starhub refused to renew the contract when I phoned in to do so.
After the contract period was over, Starhub has increased the monthly payable price twice.
I can prove it. I have the hardcopy bills.
At first by a few dollars because now no contract, so you must pay for the set top box rental.
Then the price increased again by another few dollars soon after (reasons unknown).
But since it all ends after 30 June 2019, I will just tolerate for another 4 months.
In the mean time, Starhub has cancelled the good channels like Discovery, Asian Food Channel, etc...
The reason given was that the content providers of those channels were expensive, so Starhub did not sign a new contract with them.
Some new channels were put in to "replace" the goods channels that viewers liked to watch.
For example, TravelXP which in my opinion was HORRIBLE. (not because most presenters are Indian, but because the quality is very low)
Looking at the credits, and production team, TravelXP is a made in India series.
I guess TravelXP was cheap for Starhub to sign up with.
More or less the same fail story with Gusto ( a lousy food channel meant to replace Asian Food Channel).
Increase price but give lower quality/lousier channels.
Users could switch to Starhub fibre (i.e. use Starhub for internet ) and they say you pay for the TV subscription and get internet subscription free.
Unfortunately, most Singtel formerly on ADSL have already switched to Singtel fibre.
You cannot just sign for the Starhub fibre TV alone and reject Starhub internet. They do not allow it.
This is a strategy for Starhub to win over existing Singtel Internet subscribers.
It may work. It may not work.
Beware that Starhub says the "free" internet subscription is an offer.
Some time later, Starhub may say this is not free any more and you have to pay $X additional per month.
In 2019, companies are not just competing on the TV screens. They are competing with content streamed to mobile phones and notebook computers.
Starhub may lose many thousands of former cable TV subscribers who terminate the arrangement.
Starhub probably has other income streams and this loss may not hurt them. It is not significant to them.
Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC) cable networks have been laid for cable TV (for 26 years) to hundreds of thousands of flats and other buildings since 1993.
After end of June 2019, all this infrastructure is not used.
It is like constructing a million miles of good quality roads and one day decide to close all the roads forever.
It seems wasteful. But that is probably improvement in technology.
When 5G is implemented in Singapore, there will be more changes.