Stargazing Event at SAFRA Jurong - 17 Aug (Sat)


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Jun 2, 2012
Free public stargazing talk @ SAFRA Jurong tmr - 17 Aug (Sat). Weather permitting, live stargazing through privately owned telescopes! These telescopes are of good quality and size, not the toy telescopes you find in departmental stores. :)

More info: Free public stargazing talk at SAFRA Jurong - 17 Aug

Some of the telescope volunteers attending the event are astrophotographers. You can pick their brains if you are keen to shoot Moon, planets and Milky Way in Singapore. Yes, Milky Way in Singapore! -->

Seeing celestial objects live through telescopes for the first time elicits tremendous astonishment and joy. You may find it interesting to capture such emotions at the event. Since this is a stargazing event, try not to use flash photography as this will destroy the dark-eye adaptation of participants which is useful to see more details of objects through the telescopes.

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