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The title is because the paper bag is from Starbucks.
Went to get drinks after off work @ Comex, was waiting at a hotel lobby for someone to pick me up. Got bored and took these 2 photos...
Taken using my cam phone, Samsung E730.

#1 - I used the phone's black&white effect function.

#2- I was playing around with the red focus effect, when I saw the couple walking out, so took it in a haste, as I wanted to capture them with the paper bag.

So what do you think of it?
As I'm learning PS now, so just trying out with the basic stuff, so #2 I used Texture, under Canvas.

Can tell me how to improve?


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Aug 28, 2004
2nd shot with couple plus the PS effect does not look appealing to me leh.
First one still oki, but your compositon n framing adjust. The white box
that is supporting the bag is kind of distracting.

Nothing much you can do with hp cam setting that I can advise.

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