St. John Island - Milky Way shoot

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Aug 1, 2010
East side
Hi all, this is kinda last minute. I plan to do this on 7th August, it will be an overnight stay at St. John. We catch the 2pm ferry on Friday and take the return ferry on Saturday 9am. Link: round trip is $18.

The bungalow stay cost $107 or $214 so I hope will have a small group to share the cost.

The position of the Milky way on that date is in the South West (I checked on Stellarium), so we can shoot along the south shore: From what I see on the map, there should be minimal light pollution.

I'm a novice at this, I have not shot Milky way before, looking for like-minded people to try this out. Max 10 person including myself. I hope to quickly get responses so I can go book the bungalow, subject to availability. In case, the bungalows are fully booked, I'll think of alternatives. Like Plan B is to shoot in western part of Singapore or we make a trip to Kukup.

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