ST digital life recommended maps app

Apr 12, 2010
Found this app for android iphone while reading this week's digital life, app called mapsynq. seems quite useful, its like google maps, but got sg traffic cameras, road incidents, erp all in one. And its free! =D anybody tried it?


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Apr 12, 2010

i know that there will be...

1) at least 1 accident in the morning on the way to work that will cause a massive jam
2) if there is no accident, it will still be jammed because of many tailgating drivers and drivers cutting lanes
3) ERP will always be expensive. i don't need to know more than that. the only time this item will be useful is when they create Ninja ERP gantries that sneak up on you
4) Traffic cameras are always laggy. don't need it. we know that the roads will always be jammed.
5) Road incidents? i need an app to tell me how horrible singaporean drivers are?

google maps is enough. at least it also gives me directions.

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