Squeezing more out of your E-20

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Jan 20, 2002
Adobe's Camera Raw (ACR) converter is an excellent app to use with your E-10/20 when shot in RAW mode.

If you have broadband access, you can look at two pics, one shot with an E-20 in RAW, ISO 80, image converted with ACR at 7MP interpolated size, and then made slightly smaller to fit a 3000 pixel width. It's also been edge sharpened a little.

The second shot is with a Fuji S2 Pro at 12MP fine jpeg resolution (the highest JPEG quality setting), and then made smaller to fit a 3000 pixel width. The lens used is a 60mm Micro Nikkor - about the sharpest lens around.

http://studioq.com/P4011025.tif (E20)

http://studioq.com/DSCF3599.tif (S2 Pro/60mm Micro Nikkor)

The final images from both cameras are thus compared at around 6MP resolution - the supposed native resolution of the S2 (or as close as possible to that).

The size of the object - a Rolleicord I am fixing) is near identical in both shots.

You will see that the E-20 has nothing to be ashamed about given that it utilises a multi-purpose zoom lens. Field curvature probably accounts for the obvious reduction in sharpness in the Oly zoom as we move away from the center (on the other hand, the 60mm Nikkor is a specialised flat field lens, also optimised for close range performance - the Oly zoom is not). There's also more flare in the zoom lens because of the larger no. of elements. All in all, terrific performance for a built-in zoom lens.

NOTE: Both files are large - 18-20 megs.

ACR is pretty amazing stuff if you're willing to shoot in RAW mode. ;)


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Jan 26, 2002
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Thank you for your excellent info... In fact, I have never doubt the E20 performance...

I hope that for those who has the E20 would continue to love the DC...

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