Spyder calibration gamut and should custom target be set to Adobe RGB?


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Mar 27, 2011
Hi Guys, I just had my 1st experience with monitor calibration using Spyder 5. I am currently using a Dell U2412m monitor which is around 3 yrs old now. My display looked warmer after calibration. Gamuts compared are:


My main purpose why I calibrated is to get as much accurate look on my printout from editing pictures. Of course, I would also like my work to be pleasant to look at online. Are the gamuts comparison value supposed to be like those or should I re-calibrate to AdobeRGB or other options? I think I saw the custom target on the advanced settings with the AdobeRGB option. And I read that Adobe RGB is standard for photography. When I did the 1st calib, it was set to untitled. Not sure if I should leave it like this for now or recalibrate. Or can those gamut comparisons change if I chose a different target or is this based already on my hardware? Any experiences or advise please? Thanks in advance! :)


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Jan 14, 2009
Hi Kranch. The maximum theoretical gamut coverage of U2412M seems to be only sRGB only, so you should only calibrate to sRGB.

When calibrating Dell Monitors, make sure everything is default, go to preset modes and set to custom color, and use the RGB offsets to do pre-adjustment as prompted by the app during calibration. This will assure that the color temperature is as close to the specified color temperature (usually D65, 6500, unless you have other reasons) as possible.

If you are still unsatisfied with the results, do consider downloading dispcalgui as it is a more advanced tool compared to the bundled software. Advanced yet easy to use.

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