Spyder 3 Pro & MacBook Pro!


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Jan 29, 2006
Hi All. I have a query on calibrating my 15" MacBook Pro using the Spyder 3 Pro.

For some reason, my screen seems to be getting quite yellowish when I set the White Point to be 6500k when I calibrate. Whereas when I use Native, it doesn't seem as yellowish.

So my question is, which should I be using? Should it be Gamma 2.2 with Native White Point or Gamma 2.2 with 6500k White Point? :confused:

Also, I recently realised that some of my photos that I take with my 5DII seem to appear really yellow on my screen. These are mainly indoor shots with no flash, and taken using Adobe RGB. They seem rather okie on my review screen, but turn up really yellow when downloaded into iPhoto. Is there something wrong somewhere? The colours are acceptable for the rest of the photos, just except for this strong yellow tint for these indoor ones. Puzzling!

Could someone please enlighten me on these issues? Thanks much in advance!

Jun 16, 2006
Oop! I met similar problem. One day afternoon (close to sunset) I took photo nearby Bedok reservoir, the face in photo is really yellow. Waiting for expert to explain...

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