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spend $371 on sec 1 textbooks !

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crescent (is it still a girls' school? :dunno: ) have people from the middle and low income group as well mind you.

Having a tablet PC? I have no idea what good it'll do the students.

"Ms Tan, I can hand in my work cos my Tablet is infected with virus"
Get a Mac. No need tablet. they dun use the tablet in TJC anyway. :p hehe.

Macs dun crash, MUCH LESS viruses, no spyware, looks good....... blAH BLAH....

Aug 13, 2006
Honestly, you can draw mind maps, doodle, etc. on the tablet. Not limited... However, as my school is a boy's school, I guess we can't help but play games on the Tablet, while lessons are conducted. I myself have done that once, others more. I do however, vouch that all schools switch to the Tablet. I believe it is pretty interactive, BUT, under one of the keypoints which they mentioned- Less books, lighter bag, isn't really true. The freaking tablet weighs ~2.8-3 odd KG. Killing my bag and my back!

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