Speed of the SD card for movie recording

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Nov 3, 2004
Just brought a Nikon 5200, one of the reason of buying this is because it can shoot movie at 30 frames per seconds at TV movie 640 (640 x 480 pixels), and up to the maximum capacity of the SD cards.

I had tested it with the bundled Lexar 1GB SD card, I can shoot continuously for 706 seconds at TV movie. No skips, and seem to work perfectly.

Checked on the Lexar website, this normal speed card is actually rated 2MB/sec.

What bother me is why the Nikon manual (p.49) says "to prevent TV movie 640 from ending unexpectedly, use memory card rated for 10 MB/sec or more".

Based on my calculation, the recorded movie, size=1000MB, length=706 sec, transfer rate is only 1.416 MB/sec.

So a normal speed SD card (2 MB/sec) is more than sufficient, why Nikon want us to spend more on high speed SD card (those 10 MB/sec)?

Anyone had failed using other brand of SD cards?

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