"Special Announcement - Alexandra Hospital Precautions"

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Oct 30, 2002
Hey guys, this is an announcement from NPS website for us to take note. Posted by Khew SK.

For those of you who enjoy going to Alexandra Hospital's Butterfly Trail and other parts of the garden for your photography outings, please take note that you should apply mosquito repellent.
Our garden's "owner and caretaker", Mrs Rosalind Tan, was out near the eco-pond when she was bitten by an Aedes mosquito. She caught dengue fever and was hospitalised for the past 11 days. Initial diagnosis of her fever had her quickly warded at TTSH. Fortunately, her sickness turned out to be dengue instead of the dreaded SARS.

Please be warned therefore, that not all the insects there at AH are "friendly" to you. Do take the extra precautions to ensure that you do not get bitten by mosquitoes (particularly the Aedes variety).

ClubSnap members, please send the message out to your CS website to warn your fellow-members to take care when out at AH's Butterfly Trail. I see CS photographers at AH rather often.


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