SPARKKSPACE: Singapore's Co-working Photography Office / Studio

Hi fellow Clubsnap Photographers!

Wanted to share you a new support tool that aims to help emerging photographers.

It is Singapore’s first public co-working Office & Creative Studio concept dedicated to nurturing emerging Visual Creatives (Photographers / Videographers / Directors / Content Creators).

The new venture benefits emerging photographers who want to take the next professional step in their career, without having to undertake the cost of a full time office and studio. We realise that working from home may be great to keep costs low, but it’s often distracting and many want a professional alternative to meeting clients in their neighbourhood Starbucks.

SPARKKSPACE is a fully managed space to let you concentrate on what matters most – your career. The vision is to empower emerging creatives to work independently while sharing a physical workspace to reduce costs.

We have a comfortable and professional Client Area and a Meeting Table with a floor to ceiling Chalkboard wall. Perfect for those production planning meetings.

SPARKKSTUDIO is the attached industrial studio-loft concept, housing a full-fledge Photography space dedicated to small to mid sized projects. The studio is also made available for public rentals.

Our aim is to nurture a network of creative professionals aiming to guide rising creatives. We seek to help the community to reach their professional goals and support them in their journey.

In the near future, we hope to partner up with forums and schools to present workshops to educate photographers in areas not traditionally taught in schools.

Hopefully this give young photographers a place they can call home and excel to new heights.

For our launch month, we are offering a discount of 25% off any studio booking till 15th December 2015.

Just enter “sparkk_trial” when booking online.
Looking forward to meeting all of you soon.

(P.S We would love to hear any constructive feedback and guidance forward. We hope we can create something of value and purpose together).

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