Space to Share/Rent for Photographers and Videographers

Simon Low

New Member
Feb 10, 2015
Space to share.
Ideal for Photographer, Videographers, Editors, Graphic Designers, DI Artist, Content Creators, Small Startup, etc.

The studio which is Suitable for Photography and Videography
is located at Jalan Pemimpin, within 10min walk from Marymount MRT Station. In the studio there are 2 rooms for rental.
Room 1: 95sqft - $800
Room 2: 140sqft - $1000
You can also have the option of combining both rooms.

Photographer & videographer will have the convenience for shoot. Our studio, 1500sqft, is also available for daily rental.

$500 - 8 Hrs
Choice of equipments : Elinchrome, Godox and Profoto

Do PM / Call Corine, 9106 7223, for any enquiry.
Email :