[SOP] School of Photography Singapore Presents "Notes from a Singapore Son"

The highly anticipated exhibition of this year is here, have you seen it?
"Notes from a Singapore Son" by Edwin Koo (instructor @ School of Photography Singapore)

The photographs document the exciting drama and heighten intensity of emotions that happened during the recent elections. From the 229 images posted on Koo's online album, the exhibition will highlight 30 photos that best displays the action at the GE 2011.

For the purpose of wanting to change the way we record history for generations to come, Edwin Koo captures different perspectives through the eyes of citizens as well as from the politicians point of view. Notes from a Singapore Son, which initially was an assignment for International Herald Tribune turned into something much greater, with hundreds of printed picture requests from people all over the world interested on the topic. The depiction of the event through a series of photographs tells the present story for our future generations to see.

Where: School of Photography Singapore (SOPS)
98A Tanjong Pagar Road Singapore 088519
When: 3rd to 30th July
Mon-Fri (10am-6pm)
Sat (10am-2pm)

Admission: Free


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