Sony hx5 vs Casio fh100

Sep 15, 2009
hi guys, i am planning to buy a backup small sensor cam and i think the casio fh100 fits my requirements (High Speed video-the feature that most attracted me, wide angle, generous zoom, HD video), the thing that is holding my purchase back is because of the "bad reputation" of casio high speed cams for taking digital stills, although the video will be my primary reason I also would like a cam that that takes generally good pictures, since the casio cam will be using a new sony backlit sensor would like to seek your opinion and lend me your expert eyes regarding this photo comparison made by someone who owns both:

I know he did not make a very scientific approach but I hope it can somehow help to spot the difference in IQ, color rendition, dynamic range, sharpness, distortion, picture detail etc..

the casio is not in the league of say Lx3 but if it can beat or be on par with the hx5 (in terms of digital stills) then I will definitely buy this one since the hx5 is already a top caliber small sensor cam

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