Sony F707 Accessories

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Jan 18, 2002
Originally posted by Kachiko
Wow, an impressive collection of accessories.

Just wondering, are the quality of the Canon closeups much better than the Hoya ones and do you need any step up/down ring for use with the F707 ?

I own a Hoya +3 and +4 closeups, but it gives a blue aura around the edges when used with the B300 :...(

Where to find the Canon closeup lens and spirit level and for how much ?

Thanks !
Yes... definitely better than the Hoya ones... well... $16 how to compare to $150+
With the hoya, I found my focusing distance very limited... and it's harder to obtain a focus lock.. with the Canon Closeup LENSES... I don't have problems with that..

And if you want to use with the B300... I found the +1 & +2/500D most useful... very good combination, it allows me to do macro shots from a distance... 1-2m with the +1

Canon closeup lens can be got from CP, but 250D out of stock already. Spirit level can be purchased at Suntec (forgot the name, but they have good displays of camera/video equipment) or get it from MS Color at AMK central. Canon Lens can be got at $150 ... Spirit level is about $20+

Zhoufang: I got the blower already!!!



I'm really interested in this Canon 250D and 500D. Could you give more information on the those ?

Can it be attached to the F707 without step up/down ring ?

Is +2 (500D) the strongest dioptic value available ? (I'm sort of hoping for a +4)

What's the price difference (if any) between 250D and 500D like ? And does any one know where to get these other than from AP ?

Could some one recommand a good tripod that weights less than 2kg please (If possible, the estimated price too, and budget under $200)? I own a $30 one, but its really troublesome when I try to set the camera in portrait position or raise the 'middle platform'. Its position keeps shifting (by the weight of the camera) when i screw the 'knobs' tight.

Thanks !

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