Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T300

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Sep 27, 2006
Pre-PMA 2008: Sony today announced its DSC-T300 - the latest in its line of touch-controlled slim digital cameras. You could almost describe it as a 'tablet camera' as all controls bar the shutter release have been dispensed with and replaced with a gargantuan 3.5" touch panel filling the entire rear surface of the device. Whilst not a buttonfest in the traditional sense, Sony has certainly not held back on cramming it full of gadgets and gizmos. They've taken advantage of the unique interface to present such features as Child/Adult priority Face Detection, Face Search and DRO Plus (Dynamic Range Optimization) as well as a whole raft of retouching tools so one can perfect (or ruin) images all without them ever leaving the camera. $399 will secure a T300 when it hits the shops. More after the jump.


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