Sony Alpha help needed, A100 Max CF size

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Dec 18, 2008
Hi Sony alpha users,

I am having a very wierd case, which i dun think makes sense.

I just gotten a 32GB kingston CF card for my A100. This card has no problems when taking pictures, reviewing pictures on the camera itself. But when I connect to the computer using the Mass Storage option under transfer mode, the drive appears on My Computer as usual. but when i try to access it, it gives me an error that i need to format the device. Which i tried to do it, I only see 7.87GB as the allowable format size. [:dunno: many question marks popping up all over my head...]

Anyway I managed to access the files from my comp, when i set the transfer mode to PTP (which is the PictBridge)... I can only copy the files, but not delete them, as i used do as with the Mass Storage option, when i was using my 4GB CF card.

Anyone knows is there a limitation on size of CF for A100, or is this a size limitation on WinXP? i doubt its the later, since my usb ext-hdd, can be of 500GB and has no problem for me.

Another question, if there is really such a limitation for A100 to detect 32GB, then it should not have displayed "2106" RAW pictures for me... Darn puzzling, can someone pls enlighten me?

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