Sony A5000 Challenge


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Mar 11, 2002
Sony is calling all its fans in South East Asia to put their digital imaging knowledge to the test with the 5000 challenge, for a chance to win a brand new 5000 camera to call their own.

To participate in the contest, players will have to race against the clock to answer 10 fun and interesting trivia questions about the 5000 – Sony’s latest mirrorless offering that gives you the hardware to take DSLR quality images, all squeezed into a body that fits easily in your pocket.

The 5000 also comes with a 180° tiltable LCD screen that flips for perfect framing when held at arm’s length, making the 5000 from Sony the camera to take that perfect selfie with.

Players with the highest scores and fastest timings will be able to win for themselves one of the 120
attractive prizes up for grabs.

The contest will run until 31st March 2014, to 28th April 2014.

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