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Mar 16, 2005
Sure, if he can afford it Ler her enjoy multiples, too

Letter from Jasmine Soh Hui Tsan
Letter from Winnie Tan
TODAY Newspaper, 03 Sept 2005

I REFER to Lim Thiam Poh's views on "Stem divorce with polygamy" (Sept 2).

As a lady, I share similar views, and, in addition, I feel that polygamy should be legislated and all races be given a fair chance to multi-marry.

Polygamy should be permitted on the condition that the male shows proof of minimum fixed income or wealth sufficient to support extra family members.

With the legislation, extra-marital affairs at work and men visiting brothels would be stopped. Polygamy would result in more births and resolve singles' woes. Singapore would not be reduced to a welfare state, dependent on the Government's financial assistance.

If I remember correctly, Ms Jennie Chua of Raffles Hotel once commented that she was glad her children were well taken care of by her husband who had re-married after their divorce, leaving her able to focus on her career. I consider her a practical, respectable, magnanimous lady and a good example to follow.

In the past, emperors were allowed to take concubines. With prejudice, successful, wealthy men deserve to have more than one wife.

I am single but, if I marry and such laws are in place, I wouldn't mind a polygamous arrangement.

I READ with interest Mr Lim Thiam Poh's chauvinistic view that polygamy be allowed as a "necessary evil" to curb the rise of divorce. I would just like to comment that if polygamy is considered, men should accept that "their" women should be allowed to practise polygamy as well.

If polygamy is to "solve" the problem of men whose needs are not met by one wife, then polygamy should also "solve" the problem of women whose needs are also not met by one husband.

I applaud Denyse Tessensohn's highlighting an important issue in the disparity of sex drives within a marriage ("Can't you hear the wives sigh … ", Sept 2).

If what she says is true, then the argument for polygamy should be made in favour of a wife whose sexual needs are not met by the husband who has lost interest in making sex and the marriage work. Sure, if he can afford it Ler her enjoy multiples, too

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