Soft Lens?

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Jan 18, 2002
Is there anyway, while taking potraits, to soften the lens so that people's pimples (sad to say lah :D ) will not be that obvious? By having a larger or smaller aperture will be different as well?

I'm using a C2040Z (think it's obvious enuff :D)

Thanks for any tips!


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Jan 18, 2002
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2 ways: use a softener filter or process the picture in PS. Aperture setting will not help because you want the face to be in focus regardless of the DOF you have chosen.

I am not familiar with C2040. You will probably need an adapter/step up/step down ring to attach a softener filter to your camera. In the analog days, My favourite softener filter is the one by Nikon. The price for a 52mm a few years back is about S$80. If you can get that directly from Japan, it will be around S$50.

The digital way seems like a better way as you have much more flexibility in the amount of softening you would like to have. And the process is reversible, as long as you keep a copy of the original. My favourite PS method is as follows:

Copy the entire image to a second layer.
Apply the Gaussian Blurr filter to the second layer.
Ajust the opacity of the blurred layer to about 25~30 %
Merge the 2 layers.

If you like to see some sample, refer to Siron's Sweet Lady thread in the Portraits and Poses subforum. I have modified a picture for him.

- Roy

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