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Dec 13, 2015
Support Typhoon Victims in the Philippines:

Give Hope. Rebuild Lives.

This is a great opportunity for photographers to pay it forward and make a difference.

We plan to start a social enterprise (it is a shelter cum training center) that is to support / help the typhoon victims in the philippines.

To raise funds for this center, we plan to create a coffee table book (80 to 100 pages) to tell the story of the typhoon victims and to reward those who have donated generously.

The coffee table book will capture the resilence of the people and featuring tourism hotspots of these areas. With more tourism, it will kickstart more businesses and potentials for these affected people.

An on site photo-shoot trip to the philippines will involve 3x Singapore & 3x Philippines photographers & 2x videographers: It will be 3 + 1 = 4 days, total 3 days of shoot and 1 day R&R.

The flight & accommodation / expenses will be covered.
The photographers will be paid a token allowance, unless otherwise agreed.

The shoot will be some time next year - March / April 2016, date to be confirmed.
Briefing will be conducted 1 month before the actual flight.

In addition, all photographs submitted will be selected by a panel for the coffee table book & postcards.

Credits for each individual photographers will be mentioned in prints and social media. And the rights will belong to the individual photographers and shared with the social enterprise (including book/ postcards/ website and all social digital / print media).

For your participation, you will be given a token allowance for all the professional work done and each will be given 2 copies of the completed coffee table (signed by all participants), as token of appreciation.

Talented Photographers (volunteers) with the following experiences are preferred:

1. 5 to 7 years of photographic experience.
2. Experience in photo-journalism / portrait / nature / scenic photography.
3. Highly independent and resourceful, able to shoot with minimum equipments in natural or minimal lighting at difficult terrain & setting.
4. 3 pax Singaporean & 3 pax Filipino. (in the event of an overwhelming response, we will consider an all singaporean team of 6 pax) (additional 2 pax will be put on reserve list, in case any participating photographer fall ill on the last minute)

5. No Gender Preference.
6. Compassionate qualities preferred.
7. Email your interest to participate to frankwanglt@gmail.com - with a brief introduction of yourself.

8. Provide link/s of your portfolio for initial viewing / screening.
9. This is not a first come first basis application.
10. Closing date for submit your expression of interest: 18 Jan 2016 (Monday) - 2359 hours.
11. A short briefing will be conducted for introduction, brainstorming and to raise any questions - (date/ time / location to be confirmed) 1 week after the final selection.

I sincerely seek all talented photographers with a compassionate heart to help these poverty stricken typhoon victims. If you like to form your own team of 6 pax, please highlight in your expression of interest, this will be taken in consideration.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Happy New Year.

Warm regards,

Frank Wang

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Dec 13, 2015
Dear All,

Please be informed that the closing date has been moved to 29 Jan 2016, Friday - 2359 hrs.

Thank you.

Warm regards,

Frank Wang

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