$$$$ so ez to 'earn' meh ? .....NBN, SNAPZ ....TPG ???

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I just wanna share my personal experience that i encounter with Snapz image just a couple of weeks ago. After reading so much about them on the net, I regreted paying $2000 over just for some package that i realised may not be so true and good aft all.

The person attended to me is call Sabastine and he claimed that he worked with Mediacorp as an image consultant. After gg thru the 2 hrs of photo shoots, the best is of course at the last part of the whole event.

After telling me how gd the whole package is, he offers me this package which cost me over $2000 and it's for life time. There was definately a lot of pressure sitting there hearing him talk and you could juz fl that u wun be able to walk out of that day. Eventually, I gave in n signed for the package. *now I dun noe how to get rid of it* :confused:

I realised that they have been using a lot of names but they all juz refer to 1 company. The prob is, Citibank have them on their merchant promotion as well. I think this need to be alerted. If they are using such tatics to sell their biz.... the bank shld be aware that this co is under CASE and stop them from doing such thing.

If anyone can gif me an advice on how can i go abt resolving my prob... pls gif me ur 5cents worth.:hung::cry:



When did you sign this? And it would help if you posted a copy of the contract

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