Snapping shots on mobile phone instead of rendering help first

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Jan 2, 2003
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From todays's Straits Times.

I refer to the article, 'Bee attack, don't fight,just run' (ST, Jan 7), which showed pictures taken by Mr Wee Keng Hor of a poor and helpless elderly woman being attacked by bees.
I am wondering why Mr Wee did not help this poor woman. Was taking pictures of her more important than helping her run away from the bees?

In another incident, a teacher and a group of students from Ping Yi Secondary were also attacked by bees. But the teacher's first reaction was to help the students. He even used his body to shield them from the bee attack.

I hope people will not be too quick to pull out their mobile phones with camera and video functions but to help those in need first.

Cho Yan Fatt

Bill Eppridge would have a different opinion. Although not of similar circumstances, he recorded a moment in history that offered many an idea of what it was like on that day moments after Robert Kennedy was shot.

I am willing to wage a bet that almost all of us will not understand what the students and teachers had to go through simply by reading the news article, until we see the photograph of the poor old lady attacked by bees.

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