Smoke captured while shooting fireworks

Nov 15, 2009
Hi! All. I went to try to shoot the NDP fireworks but noticed that the smokes were also
Captured. Is this normal? I saw others pix dun haf this problem. How do I avoid this?

Mar 9, 2010
it is either that the "others" pictures that you saw are of the first few fireworks, or that they PP-ed the smoke away.

it is almost impossible to avoid this but to make sure the first few fireworks of the display are captured as those have the least smoke.
otherwise, try and postprocess the smoke away.


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Oct 25, 2005
lil red dot
I hope you guys somehow got to read these tips before shooting. If not, well, try again during YOG or next year's NDP... ;)
Firework Taking Strategy
Although the whole firework show can last for 10-20 minutes, you can only take some great shoots in the first few minutes. The sky will full of smoke after a while, it is hardly to have a good image. You need to setup the equipment, set the correct exposure, set the focus, compose your picture (if you can) before the show starts. Remember, if you miss the first few minutes, you need to wait for next time.
Stay upwind of the fireworks if possible, to avoid smoke blowing towards you during the display and ruining your photos.

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