Smith St

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Apr 27, 2004
東京 Tokyo
i think the website you're using for your pictures don't support hotlinking to this forum, do consider using the CS gallery :)

interesting that you shot this at a time in the rainy night when there weren't much activities. good use of street signs to lead the viewer into knowing the name of the place.

however i think the cropping away of the street sign's post makes the sign look like cut and pasted into the frame. other problematic areas include the lack of a clear subject of focus, with so many elements scattered over the frame, and also the blowing of highlights on the banners.

can consider taking a few steps back to include a more complete sign post, and more of the tree canopy to form a frame within the frame. and maybe a slightly lower angle to exagerrate the building form. otherwise as it is now, the frame is somewhat unexciting.


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Dec 11, 2006
Thanks for all ur comments

The image isn't cropped. I just can't stand further back to capture the whole sign as there was uncle sitting on stairs if i remember correctly eating durian. i'm just a bit not friendly with the smell of durian:( . And the building behind was going for a renovation so there were fences too.

i guess i could wait a little longer until the street is all clear....

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