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May 11, 2002
Melbourne, Australia

Just to share this experiment at home... a way to share slides with your family and friends for fun (for thise who aren't that critical of "projector" quality pics.....)

Equipment needed -
1- Digital camera (assuming that all film user have one simple 2mpix digicam + TV output)
2- Mini slides viewer (like the diascop mini 3 $20)
3- Mounted slides

1- Connect the cmaera to charger supply (do not use battery)
2- Set camera to normal shooting mode and connect TV cable to TV & put the TV to video in channel
3- It would be great if the camera can be set to incandescant light white balance.
4 - Put slide on the slides viewer
5- Then aim the camera as if you are taking photo of the displayed slides on the slide viewer.
6- Stack books or albums to put the camera to the righ hight - adjust accordingly.
7- If you wan to JIG up the setting, make a mounting using a old shoe box ........
8- try it out and see the results (don't expect....a high qiality image on your TV)........remember to pre focu seach time you change a slide.....heheheheehheeh!!!!!!!

Have fun trying.....


Originally posted by sulhan
Hi Den.... will get poor image quality........i normally scan with my slide scanner..... :eek:)

Well, that actually depends on the quality of the digital camera, what f-stop you use, the quality of the light source and the slide itself. Too high contrast slides doesn't work too well.

Here's a sample done with a Coolpix 990 + ES-E28 Slide Copying Adaptor. Coolpix cameras usually perform better because of their excellent macro capabilities.

But hey, you can get used projectors for like $80 in places at Cash Convertors. And you can load 50-80 slides into a magazine and change them via remote control.... sure beats the TV output. :)


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