Singapore Photo Location Suggestions

I will be travelling to Singapore with a fellow photographer from October 24 to 29 for the sole purpose of photographing your beautiful city. We are planning to go to the following areas:

Marina Bay Area
Garden by the Bay
Clark Quay
Chinese Garden
Japanese Garden

Singapore Zoo
River Safari (Is this worth going?)

I was wondering if anyone can suggest some other locations to shoot which are easy to find since we have about 5 days to spend?

I would also love to do some waterscapes but I am not sure how accessible and easy to find the areas being suggested on another thread are?
Like Changi, Pungol Beach etc.

How about for some IR photography any good place that you can recommend?




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Apr 21, 2012
Personally i sometimes go by this very rough itinerary which should provide ample shooting opportunities

Early morning - breakfast at Chinatown food centre then go down to the wet market for some shooting.
Then walkover to the Chinese temple for a shoot, then to sri mariaman temple for more

After that walk towards china sq direction you will be goin to cbd area. Some street shooting there before the harsh afternoon sun comes out.

From there walk along singapore river u can go funan ctr or peninsula plaza for some camera shopping. Walk towards raffles hotel for some shooting n have a nice chicken rice lunch at purvis st.

Walkover to city hall mrt stn n take a quick train ride to bay south station.

Roam around in marina bay sands shopping/casino. Tea break at twg.

Around 5pm u can walkover to bay by the gardens for some shooting until around 8pm.

U can return to the marina bay/esplanade direction for some wide nite shots of cbd skyline etc.

If your legs are still working fine. U can take a train ride to farrer park mrt n roam serangoon road to some street shooting at nite before retiring to the comforts of your hotel bed.

Hope this gives u some ideas.


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Sep 12, 2012
There are some surrounding islands that could be visited. Also the little India area of the city for the obvious street photog session

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